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August 04, 2006



I'm really sorry about your dad :( Your purse is beautiful.


Claudia, hon', take your knitting when you go to sit with your dad. Ignore the other relatives if they give you a hard time. You need to do it there. Tell them it's a focus, a prayer, a whatever-it-takes-to-make-them-leave-you-alone. I sat beside my sweet 93-year-old adopted mom last October as she was dying and knit (with beads!) and cried a little. But mostly knit because she had taught me how when I was 6 and it made me feel better. I was lucky though, nobody frowned upon it, and in fact were happy that I had something positive to do. Unfortunately I didn't finish the piece (a bracelet) before she died and I haven't had the heart to get back to it. Yet. But I will eventually. You just do what you need to and let everybody else do what they need to do too. We all experience life and death differently. Many hugs to you and I'm sorry about your dad.

Maree G

Another triumph, Claudia!!!! I'm addicted to your site & keep coming back for a "fix"!!! Gypsy Love is stunning.I really enjoy to pour over your photos of your works in progress & of course the awesome finished works of art!!! I have just discovered freeform knitting & am totlly captivated by what I've seen on the net.
I have the chance to attend a week-long workshop by Prudence Mapstone here in Aust in Jan 07 - would you recommend that as a good place to start & can you recommend any good books to give me advice & some background on technique etc in the mean-time.
I'm saddened to hear that your Dad is deteriorating & I know from several years working as a Diversional Therapist in an Aged care facility how very hard it is to experience such a loss - How lucky he is to have you to be by his side....I have always considered it an honour to do so for people without family to be with them. I'll continue to send positive thoughts your way & pray for your father too. May the "Powers to be" take care of you both on this journey & good luck with what sounds like an exciting new project for you to 'get your teeth into'.
I look forward to seeing more of your work soon.
Cheers from "Down Under"

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