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October 23, 2006


Maree G

The 5-second rule RULES!!! For over 40 (germ-phobic) years I denied myself eating any dropped article, no matter how delectable. My teenage son introduced me to THE rule & I've been justifiably guilt-free since! I must admit though that he & his friends are content to just blow on the food before eating but I must still have some slight lingering hang-up as I feel better if I can rinse 1st. But, hey, I've come a long way!


Haven't you heard of the five second rule? Not sure where it came from, but my kids swear that if it was on the ground or floor for less than five seconds, it is perfectly legal to eat.



Guilty, guilty and guilty of so much more! It could be worse - I have one friend who has always told her children that when they go to parties and get a bag with cake in it - the cake is for mummy! Another one has told her children that sweets (candies) give children bad tummies....


You are not at all a bad mother"giggle". I especially don´t know anybody who would hide the sourcherrie drops (bought on an overseas trip) in the craftcupboard, so the kids wont find them.(mums private area!! hands off!!) "giggle". xoxo

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