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March 20, 2007



Well said.
I think so often we get caught up in the American Dream but don't realize it is a marketing ploy. We don't have to be so motivated by money to live contented fullfilled lives, although it helps to smooth over the rough edges for sure.

If our forefathers didn't jump, where would we be. We are a people of strength and charachter. We show that through our crafts and by taking care of the people in our lives. I respect you for starting a company that does something good for us. Kudos.
Now I am off to order! :)
Hope you are well.


Bingo. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice. I'm glad you did, Claudia. You have a great product.

I rolled my dice a few years ago when I left the insanely stressful Human Resources management field. I was petrified and at peace with my decision ... if that is possible. I don't have shoes to match all my outfits now ... in fact what am I talking about ... outfits? What are those?? hehehe . Best decision ever for me ...


Thanks Claudia. I read this on one of those really bad days.. when all you want to do is GET OUT! but it is my way, has been for most of my life, and I can't imagine any other. Now, if my finger would stop throbing... I just slammed it in the door, distracted by "my way", I'd feel a lot better about this one.


The plunge is scary, exciting, humbling, frustrating, happy and sad but to not plunge would be terrible. My husband and I both took the plunge this past year and yes, we are poorer but we are our own bosses. Hopefully the money will increase but either way the plunge has been worth it.

Crafting Jen

Well said, Claudia.

Bill and I aren't trying to make my crafting earn us a living. But we do allow it to go where it wants, and if it happens to earn a little bit here and there and help pay for itself, that's good.

Meanwhile, we appreciate the things I can do for us, the ways I can improve the quality of our lives, by making better objects than we can buy. We will never find socks as good for him as what I can knit. I make better dishcloths and scrubbies than anything in the stores. I'm not locked into what's available in Target for blankets - I can knit my own that will be more comfortable.

Being a one-income family makes things tough sometimes. Luckily, our needs are simple, and we're pretty good at focusing the available funds where they'll make us happy.

Good post, Claudia!

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