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May 04, 2007



Thank you for visiting my blog. I was too distracted with all this FOOD here that I almost forget to leave a comment! I love that colorway you used for Monkey and I hope you get to finish them. I'll send bad thoughts to help banish that tendonitis :)


Those cupcakes are very cute.


Knitted cupcakes? They are so cute, I especially like the, yellow cake one! Such talent :)

baking soda

Hi, I'm trying to catch up on reading the Daring Bakers, my first challenge will be the May one...aaargh!
I totally love your knitting and the cupcakes are just too cute.

Crafting Jen

Oh, sheesh...I should look at the sender on SocKnitters more often. I didn't realize until I read this post that you're the knitter with the sore pinky, LOL! Not that a sore anything from knitting is funny.

I think many of us eventually find some form of our craft that hurts in some way. For me, it's knitting a lot with worsted weight yarns. I start to get a painful, swollen bump with a callus on the inside of the middle knuckle on my right pinky.

I had a fix for this for a while, but the product I used isn't available anymore. They were strip bandages by Nexcare that were made out of a "gentle paper". Wrap one of those around that knuckle with the pad on the inside, and I could knit without pain.

Used to buy packages of these every chance I could. They came in a package with "pop art" designs on them that I loved. Then they vanished one day. I kept searching, and went to the Nexcare website, but no luck - they'd been discontinued.

Nexcare still offers a gentle paper bandage. But no longer in the simple strip shape that was essential to me. No, now they're the lozenge-shaped bandages with adhesive all around. And completely unsuitable for protecting my knuckle.

I've tried other strip bandages - foam, fabric, active foam, and more - and none of them do the job the way the gentle paper strips did. So I wind up switching off projects frequently to give the pinky a rest. *sigh*

Why, oh why, do I always fall in love with products that are unpopular enough to be discontinued?


They look good enough to eat :)


I just knit some cupcakes too!!!! But mine are not nearly as pretty, I'll post them sometime soon.


I can't finish the crocheted jacket I started because of tendonitis in the base knuckle of the my middle finger on my left hand. That's the hand that holds the yarn and the work and now it's like a claw. It hurts to straighten the finger out. I'm also left handed so painting is out of the question for a while too. I may have to clean my house. Pray for me.

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