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August 08, 2007



New Mexico is really lovely. I was in Taos years ago, and the land was breathtaking. I am so glad this transition is happening for you!


Welcome back! Hope the move and everything went ok.
Been missing you!


Hi Claudia,
I've been spending 14 hours every day for a week setting up my Etsy shop and today I am WEARY. I thought "What shall I do to give myself a break? I'll go and read Claudia's blog"
I'm glad (as always) that I did as you always take me away from myself and my life and into yours for a while.
Love you,




Hey Claudia!! The student's argument was hilarious and very creatively written!

As for your move, I can only tell you how I've managed my own move across the country and then across the Pacific. I'm glad I made it; it was something I'd been longing to do for several years. Yes, I felt pretty disoriented for a few months once I got here, and yes, I still worry a lot about money (since I don't have a job and the savings won't last forever).

BUT, as the months pass, I'm feeling more and more at home. And one thing I'm learning is that I can't know how everything is going to turn out, and that's ok if I'm willing to surrender and trust that my life is unfolding perfectly. Easier said than done; it takes practice, and I don't know if a lifetime is enough to master it. But at this point, it's what I'm doing as I enjoy life on the beach.


Hey, are you moving toward Taos?
Susan Dilger, from our FF list, just moved there a few months ago and LOVES it!!!
She's got tons of pix on her blog.


Since my own move,I have choosen to say that what happens is of the good, a new chance,that life rewands doing things....and I truly believe this to be true. Although since I lived so long the opposite way it is some days hard to force myself to positive thinking. Glad you are back....had missed you.


I was thinking of you today. I'm meeting my sister in law at that Borders on Sunday and I was debating contacting to you to see if you wanted to meet up for a cup of tea. Sounds like you have a full plate there. Good for you!

Crafting Jen

Love that student's arguments about the nature of Hell! I've forwarded this post on to Bill, he'll enjoy it, too.

Big changes coming for you and yours, huh? It's a scary thing to pick up lock, stock, and barrel and go someplace new like that, but it sounds to me like you're approaching it with a great attitude. Best of luck to you in the move!

Big downer about it, though - won't be as easy for us to find events we can both be at and get together! Ah, well - extra doses of hugs to carry you through the packing and moving process!

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