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July 02, 2008



Looks scrumptous! I *love* Trader's Joes. And I especially love the vanilla wafers and you're right -they're worth the drive. Let' see... yesterday I was there to pick up a loaf of bread and several things jumped into my basket - including veggie egg rolls and a bottle of Soyaki sauce. Yummmmmm.....

Crafting Jen

Wouldn't have occurred to me to make either of those pairings - blueberry/cherry or butterscotch banana - but they do sound yummy.

Bake, knit, spin, and play my online games. And play with the Ratties. :)


Wow, that all looks so good! Bake, knit, read, walk, repeat! Sounds like heaven. I'm sorry you lost a creature to the coyotes. And regarding the duck, what do think Suleiman envisaged?

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